You Are Special In His Eyes

hospital coridor

I read some email that some people get frustrate with their sickness, seem likes no hope for healing the illness. I would suggest not to give up even in very bad condition and situation. There still miracle and hope for us.

I can said that because I’ve been there and not give up. I saw miracle happens in my life. I would like to share my true life story in November 2008. I remember it clearly, like it was just happening yesterday.

On that unfortunate day, I was heading for a meeting near my office area. I went with my friend and we are ride together on his motorcycle. We nearly arrived on the location, when I suddenly feel a very strong impact. Another motorcycle hit us, and I was thrown back for a good couple of meters before painfully landing on the cold asphalt road.

Our motorcycle was crushed and totaled. My friend only got some bruise but I was heading for the worse. After a series of tests and X-ray, the doctor informed me that my spine is fractured. I was living extreme pain and had to depend on painkillers to help me going.

I spent 10 more days in the hospital, feeling depressed because of my inability to move. With a fractured spine, I cannot walk, stand, or even sit. I need constant support to keep my back in a straight position. It was made from light metal that wrapped around my body. It made me feel like a robot.

I kept thinking why this happening to me? What did I do wrong to deserve this?


As if the pain alone is not enough, another misfortune came along. In the most crucial moment when I could use every bit of support and attention for recovery, my boyfriend suddenly left me. It was severe hit to me. My health condition was badly affected.

I spent my days afterwards, trying to recover my condition. Nothing happens in an instant, every step, every swimming lesson, every therapy class, added to my recovering process, very slowly. I have to take abundants of pills, treatments, and take test every month. In the process, not only my body I’m trying to cure but also my heart and soul. I prayed to God so he take my hand and lead me out of the misery and into the light.

After 7 months of therapy my doctor finally said that I can now be freed from my metal corset. I was so happy because I can walk on my own again and use my back again normally. Everything is going well. I can walk again and sleep in my comfortable mattress again.

Now, here i am, not different from any other people. I recover and having no regrets and happy with journey of my life. I’m what I’m now because I have great people who support me. God sent them to ease my pain. They always pray and support me. I still kept a wonderful SMS from my Evangelist :

Butterfly don’t know the colour of their wings
But human know how nice it is
Like you don’t know how good you are
But God know how special you are in His eyes

God have wonderful plan in my life. No matter what happens in your life, how broke your heart and your body, just remember that “you’ll never be alone, God will be there to support you because you are special in His eyes.

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