Medication for Gout

Gout is quite a common health problem in our society. When gout attacks, it inflicts pain and swelling on your joints. Gout which is also called hiperuricemia, is a form of arthritis. It occurs when the level of ulric acid in your blood is high. The normal percentage of ulric acid in your blood is 2-5mg%. If the amount of ulric acid in your blood exceeds 6mg%, it means, you are at risk of gout.

I would like to answer the following questions, and also share what I know about gout.

I would like to ask Tukang Obat about gout. 1. What is the medication for gout? 2. What caused gout? 3. How to prevent it? 4. Can gout be totally cured? Thank you for your answer. Debodor.

Generally, gout can be cured with Alopurinol 100mg. The dose for adult is 2-3 times a day. The drugs worked by prohibiting the Xanthin Oxidase enzyme. Too fuzzy? Well, lets just say, it prevents the increase of ulric acid.

The high level of ulric acid usually builds up around your joints (knee, finger joints, between the bones). Gout happens when monosodium urate crystals are found. These microscopic crystal needles are the cause of the pain you commonly found on your knee. This can cause inflamation. To cure this, you can consume NSAID (Non Steroid Anti Inflamatory Drugs) type of medications, like Diclofenac, ibuprofen, Meloxican, and ketoprofen. The most commonly used drugs is Diclofenac sodium tablet (25mg). One or two times a day is enough. If you dont want to take pills, you can use Voltaren Gel. Use by rubbing the gel where the pain occurs.

To prevent gout, you are advised to consume healthy foods and stay away from foods that contain high purine level like sardines, duck meat, and foods that contains yeast (e.g., bread). You can still eat vegetables, but lower your consumption, especially for spinach, cabbage, and nuts.

If you have gout, there’s only limited amount of food you can consume. It’s all for the best, so your illness will not attack often. To substitute your protein source, you can consume eggs, cheese, and milk. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water, so the crystal needles will not build up, and will be disposed with your urine.

Gout can be completely cured if the patient visits the doctor as early as possible. The patient should always comply with the doctor’s order. Don’t eat what you shouldn’t, drink a lot of water, take your medications according to its dose, and keep living a healthy way of life. Stay healthy!

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