Leaving the Freebie Zone

Today, I’m no longer doing services for free. What I am today, is cooler, more sophisticated, and of course, no longer free of charge. Now you can request for my service faster, and you can reach me anywhere, anytime you want. Hehehe…

Wait a minute. Don’t get this the wrong way! 😀

Why am I no longer doing services for free? Can you look up and read your address bar? There you go! I’m no longer doing my public service for free, because now I pay for my own domain. Tukang Obat Bersahaja has officially moved from WordPress.com to its own address at tukangobatbersahaja.com. Yipeee! *throws confetti up in the air*

Deciding whether I should migrate everything from scratch or use the service from WordPress.com gives me headaches. But then, suggestions from The Expert, Papa Anya, friends, and the handsome grandma and grandpa, finally lead up to me finalizing this (new) blog.

I hope later on I will be writing more about medicine, new drugs, health, and also keep answering your comments and questions. BTW, I will start posting in English too. Wish me luck! Picture source from here.

So, welcome to my new home. Feel free to ask me stuffs, and I, the pharmacist, will gladly answer! 😀

12 Replies to “Leaving the Freebie Zone”

  1. tadinya bingung mau komen di postingan yg mana 😀

    congratulation, mbak, for the new house and domain! and i cant wait to see your post about your experience in elementary school XD
    *click, just added this blog to my reader*


    Oke, thanks visit my blog.
    I accept the challenge 😀

    I will post about experience in elementary school next week 😀
    I’ll promise you 😀

  2. hah… :mrgreen: makan-makaaaaaaaaann!! gunting pitanya udah belom ya…??


    selamat atas lahirnya blog baru… yg ga gratisan pula… selamat juga menempuh hidup penge blog an dalam basa enggris 😀 *acak adut*


    Thank you 😀
    that’s oke, a little bit mesh.
    The important is you write down from your heart 😀

  3. woowooowowwowowoblog baru baruuu *histeris*
    ada fotonyaaaa *makin histeris*

    makan-makaaann !! *paling histeris*



    Om Warm come *more hysteria*
    your are welcome 😀

  4. sory ya mbak, aku komennya pake bhs indo aja, belum bisa bhs inggris…!!!

    jadi pengen belajar jg…!!!


    tha’s oke, maybe someday you can post in English language too.
    try the simple one 😀

    just write, don’t think about good grammer 😀

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