Chocolate and Truth Calvin Klein

Ive got nice presents from my bos after his back from business trip in USA. He gave me yummy chocolate. I’m  happy because it’s free and expensive chocolate. Also  i read in book “.. makan cokelat memicu pelepasan hormon serotonin di otak. Hormon ini mampu menstimulasi hormon endorfin dan memberikan perasaan senang dan bahagia. That’s why i’m so happy today:D

Truth by Calvin Klein for MenBeside chocolate, he gave me  eau de toilette parfume Truth Calvin Klein, but when i saw the box it’s written  for men hiks hiks hiks. My bos says “…this is for him”. My bos is a nice person, that’s so sweet. My face blossom, i just says ” Oke Sir, i wil give it to him” and then i go to my big cubicle.

My bos didn’t know my last update.  Now, how do i give it to him? or do i keep it for myself…kasih atau tidak ya?

12 Replies to “Chocolate and Truth Calvin Klein”

  1. @ Chic
    masa sih? tapi saya kan sudah dapet choclate 😀

    @ Desty
    bos gw oke banget… top bgt 😀

    @ toto
    all of my boyfriends? kesannya banyak banget hehehe.
    Nanti saya kasih deh parfum CK-nya bos :mrgreen:

    @ omiyan
    *semprot parfum dileher omiyan*
    wangi banget

    @ achoey
    soalnya sudah wangi mie hehehe
    btw, saya udah mampir kesana… sebentar lagi bukan Janda miskin tapi Janda kaya raya… penguasa kerajaan mie di Bogor 😀

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