In my way home, i saw full moon light. i saw and i saw again. suddenly it’s remain me with very old song “somewhere out there”. i can felt something wet in my eyes. i miss pops, It’s only been 80 days. i know somewhere out there If love can see us through. Then, we will be together somewhere out there in different the part of life. out where dreams is come true.

Let me present my songs:

Somewhere out there beneath the pale blue night
Someone’s thinking of me and loving me tonight

Somewhere out there someone’s saying a prayer
Then we’ll find one another in that big somewhere out there.
And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishing On the same bright star

And when the night will start to sing A lonesome lullaby

It helps to think we’re sleeping underneath the Same big sky
Somewhere out there If love can see us through

Then, we’ll be together Somewhere out there

out where dreams, come true.


  1. who’s pops?

    yeap… whoever pops is, pops is sumwhere outhere and when u think of pops, pops’s heart will warmed…

    i believe that kind of thing ^_^

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